About Soul-Centered Healing

About SCH

Welcome. My name is Tom Zinser. I am a hypnotherapist and spiritual counselor, now retired from clinical practice.

In 1987, I was a clinical psychologist specializing in hypnosis and the treatment of dissociative disorders. This included multiple personality disorder (now labeled as DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and those clients who were abused as children and adolescents.

In August of that year, I met  Katharine, a woman who channeled a spirit entity named Gerod. She offered me a session with Gerod and I accepted. I was so impressed with the information Gerod gave me that I asked Katherine for another session, and then another. The information Gerod gave me pointed to a greatly expanded view of the mind and soul and what can go on at inner levels to cause a person pain or distress. Gerod also gave information about specific clients and suggestions for treatment. Within six months, Gerod and I established a collaboration which continued for fifteen years.

Soul-Centered Healing is the result of that collaboration. (The in-depth story is told in my first book: Soul-Centered Healing: A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives. It is an approach that recognizes each person not only as a physical being, but a psychic and spirit being as well. Like infrared light which is outside the visible spectrum, these dimensions of our self normally exist outside ordinary consciousness. Using a musical metaphor, we might say they are at a different octave. Yet, we live and interact in these dimensions of consciousness just as surely as we do the physical reality. And just as surely, they can affect us in ways of which we are not always aware.

Soul-Centered Healing recognizes that there are entities, energies, and dynamics operating at these subtle levels that can cause a person ongoing conflict, pain, or confusion. This includes, for example, sub-personalities. These are parts of the self, created during earlier experiences of trauma, that continue to exist and affect a person at unconscious levels. Sub-personalities can be triggered by present-day events that in some way match their original trauma, ands they react as they did when first created. They often are described as seeming to have a mind of their own.

Past-life trauma or soul-themes can also be a significant factor in a person’s present conflicts, feelings, or inner blocks. Panic attacks or irrational fears, for example, may involve past life trauma that remained unresolved within the soul. Past life influence also can be a factor when the relationship between two people has become entangled and destructive.

There are also other kinds of entities such as earthbound spirits or dimensional beings that can interfere or intrude on a person at unconscious levels. Unlike sub-personalities, these entities are not part of the person’s soul energy. The effects of this kind of attachment or intrusion can range from subtle or annoying to the other extreme of torment or even possession.

It is also not unusual at these levels to find people who feel blocked or disconnected from their own soul-source energy, who feel hopeless and unlovable, or are in despair.

Soul-Centered Healing is a form of hypnotherapy that uses specific methods and protocols for working at these unconscious levels to identify the source of a person’s pain, distress, or conflict. The process begins when the therapist engages and works directly with a person’s higher self to identify the source of symptoms or distress. Whether it is a sub-personality whose past trauma is being triggered in the present, or outside spirits or entities trying to access the self, or intense panic set off by past-life memories breaking through into the present, different protocols are used depending on the particular phenomena presenting. The goal of Soul-Centered Healing is to help a person become clear, centered, and confident in the present. Healing occurs through a process of identifying and resolving the unconscious sources of pain and conflict, whether they originate from within a person’s own inner world, or from without.


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