Soul-Centered Healing

A Psychologist’s Extraordinary Journey into
the Realms of Sub-Personalities, Spirits, and Past Lives

When clinical psychologist Tom Zinser started working with multiple personality patients, he had no way of anticipating where his work would ultimately lead.

Using hypnosis, Zinser learned how to communicate directly with the sub-personalities that, he eventually learned, exist even in healthy individuals. Oftentimes this therapeutic technique would lead to healing and psychological integration. But other times, it would lead to confusing or frustrating results. While he made substantial progress, Zinser also reached a professional impasse.

The breakthrough came when Zinser was approached by Katharine Mackey, a secretary in his office, who channeled a spirit named Gerod through automatic writing. Gerod, it seemed, was interested in communicating with the psychologist.

Zinser approached the suggestion of “meeting” Gerod with a cautious but curious mind, only to be astonished by the clinically useful information that Gerod provided. Gerod claimed the ability to see directly into the souls of Zinser’s clients, and provided very specific guidance on how to help each one. Equally important, Gerod sketched out a map of the human soul, its structure, and destiny, far wider than models provided by clinical psychology.

What started out as an experiment turned into an amazing fourteen-year collaboration with more than 650 sessions between Gerod and Dr. Zinser. These sessions enabled Zinser to breach the impasse, guiding his clients to integration at a much deeper, spiritual level. The collaboration also lead the author to a wider understanding of the soul’s structure and journey, explained in this book.

Soul-Centered Healing is not a book about channeling, but about the importance of seeing our own psyche in a larger context. This compelling, mind-opening account — sure to be controversial — reveals the landscape of a larger psychic and spiritual reality, of which we are a part.

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From the Foreword
“Books that are far ahead of their time are considerably harder to assess because they often challenge the very foundations on which we stand. For that reason they tend to make us profoundly uncomfortable, even angry. They don’t continue the conversation we were having but begin a new conversation in new territory, importing new assumptions that challenge conventional wisdom. Soul-Centered Healing by Thomas Zinser is such a book. It is an important book that is far ahead of its time. In Soul-Centered Healing, Zinser takes his readers on a spiritual journey… initiates the reader into the same mysteries he was initiated into. …It is a rich and rewarding journey, a book far ahead of its time but hopefully a book whose time has come.”

—Christopher M. Bache, Ph.D. author of Dark Night, Early Dawn