The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing

Vol. I: Protocols and Procedures

The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing is written for hypnotherapists who wish to practice or incorporate certain methods of Soul-Centered Healing into their own practice. In his first book, Soul-Centered Healing, Tom Zinser told the story of his fifteen-year collaboration with a spirit entity named Gerod that resulted in this distinctive method of healing that engages directly the psychic and spirit dimensions of the self and soul. Soul-Centered Healing recognizes that there are conditions, entities, and forces operating at unconscious levels that can be a source of problems and difficulties.

The Practice of Soul-Centered Healing is a companion volume to Soul-Centered Healing that presents the basic protocols and procedures for working in these unconscious dimensions. Dr. Zinser discusses each protocol and gives specific instruction on how to implement them. Along with this instruction, he presents a wealth of examples drawn from verbatim transcripts of client sessions. This book is for therapists who are encountering these deeper levels of psyche and soul in their healing work with clients.

From the Foreward

“You have in your hands a book that could revolutionize the way you work with clients… and know that you are now equipped to help people in ways you perhaps did not even dream of when you were starting out. 

– Felix Economakis, Chartered psychologist, clinical hypnotist. Director of The Heath Therapies in London
and author of Take Charge of Your Life With NLP.

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